About us
Madrid, Iowa, is located just to the west of a direct line connecting Ames and Des Moines. Our population is about 2,360 (2009 U.S. Census estimate), which is large enough to support many local conveniences (gas stations, grocery, bowling, exercise opportunities) but small enough to have a wonderful small-town atmosphere.

Madrid has an excellent community school system that includes a superb academics program, an outstanding athletics program, and a fine arts program. Both the high school and elementary schools are conveniently located right in town. The Madrid Tigers football team has been frequent contenders at the Uni-dome in Cedar Falls.
To learn more about Madrid, watch a video about our town. Click below. .

For more information about the history of our town, visit our History page. You may also be interested in theMadrid Historical Society or Madrid's Historical Museum.

Fun fact: our name is pronounced MA' - drid, not Ma DRID' like Madrid, Spain.